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I'm Jayniee Gada,

CEO & Co-Founer of Majagaa Beauty Pvt Ltd,

A Writer, a Shayara, a Chef & an Entrepreneur with a deep desire in my heart to heal hearts with my words! I'm starting to write blogs about Love, Life, the thirst of adventure in us that keeps us alive. These Blogs are an attempt to share the emotionally intelligent, sensitive, philosophical yet dreamy side of me.

There's much more to my life part from the Successes & Recognition I've received at a very early age. I wish to share my perception, my vision, my dreams as the multitalented side of me cannot stay hidden for long.

Hoping to deliver my best through my poems, shayaris & blogs & some tales of adventures mixed with the Unique Experiences I had as a very young but very talented Entrepreneur who is Successful solely by her unique  brave endeavors.

Hope you like & find wisdom in my blogs.

¡Muchas gracias!

Contact Me:

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